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Circulation Maxx Ultra

Circulation Maxx Ultra

Circulation Maxx Ultra uses Electrical Muscle Stimulation aka EMS technology, which is used hospitals and health professionals to help people gain more mobility. Gentle & safe, this tried & tested technology lets the user choose their settings, such as the therapy session length and intensity.

Circulation Maxx Ultra truly portable and no other machine of this kind can claim this. It can run off the mains power adaptor or you can use batteries when you’re not at home. Circulation Maxx Ultra was designed in association with Dr Clayton, who has been a scientific advisor to the UK Government on the safety of medicines and is also a Fellow of the Royal College of Medicine.

"Bioenergiser and myself have one simple aim, to develop efficacious medical devices that produce real results for our customers. All of our medical devices are registered Class IIa with the UK MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency)," says Dr. Clayton.

"I have seen the results for myself at first hand and this type of modality (the contraction and relaxation of the calf muscle) may benefit those who are not as active as they used to or would like to be."

Circulation Maxx Ultra can:

  • Improve blood circulation in the lower leg
  • Reduces swelling

  • Alleviate aches and pains

  • Designed in association with Dr. Paul Clayton

Please note: when considering devices that utilise EMS (electrical muscle stimulation), these devices pass a small micro current through the footpads to the soles of your feet. It’s imperative that the device you intend to purchase is Class IIa Medically certified.

Gentle electrical impulses stimulate the nerve endings on the soles of your feet. When stimulated, the nerves endings will contract and release your calf muscles, soothing aches & pains.

This product includes:

  • Circulation Maxx Ultra machine

  • Mains power adaptor

  • 4 electro-pads for hard-to-reach areas

  • Infrared remote control

  • PLEASE NOTE: This product should not be used by people in the first trimester of pregnancy, by people with a pacemaker or other implanted medical device or anyone suffering from or being treated for existing Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT). Always seek professional health advice.

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