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Circulation Maxx

Circulation Maxx

If you suffer from swollen feet & ankles, sore feet or want to improve the circulation in your legs, then Circulation Maxx could help you! This Class IIa Medical Device sends small micro electrical impulses through the pads on the machine, which stimulate your calf muscles & force blood back up your legs with a soothing sensation.

The footpads come with Far Infrared, plus 4 TENS electro-pads to target problems. An easy to use & useful remote control is also included with Circulation Maxx. A 30 minute timer gives you a helpful reminder when your session is up.

The three main benefits of Circulation Maxx are:

  • Alleviating aches and pains

  • Soothing sore & tired feet

  • Far infrared technology

By using Circulation Maxx for just half an hour per day, you could notice:

  • Improved your blood circulation

  • Reduced swelling in your ankles & feet

  • Alleviated aches & pains

  • The product includes:

    • Circulation Maxx machine

    • Useful remote control

    • Mains adaptor

    • User manual and quick set-up guide

    • 4 Free TENS Pads to sooth those hard-to-reach areas

    PLEASE NOTE: This product should not be used by people in the first trimester of pregnancy, anyone fitted with a pacemaker or other implanted medical device or anyone being treated for existing Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT). Always seek professional health advice.

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