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Electronic Foot Walker

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Electronic Foot Walker

Electronic Foot Walker

We all know the benefits of keeping active. But sometimes due to age, poor mobility or injury it is not possible to be as mobile and active as we’d like to be. Circulation Leg Exerciser was designed for those who want to keep their legs being active, whilst sitting down.

The benefits of Circulation Leg Exercise are:

  • to have a gentle way to exercise your lower legs whilst sitting down for long periods

  • ease of use - simply put your feet on foot rests, turn it on and it does the rest!

  • a form of physiotherapy

  • aids injury recovery time

How does it work?

The foot plates gently move forward and backwards, as your feet would if you were walking. It has been specifically designed to be used by customers who have little or no knowledge of devices of this kind, so it’s very easy to use.

Who would benefit from Circulation Leg Excerciser?

  • Those who are less active than they’d like to be

  • Those with mobility issues

  • People who are conscious of the health benefits of keeping their legs active

The Electronic Foot Walker is perfect if:

  • You have heart pacemaker

  • You need rehabilitation e.g. recovering from an injury

  • Post illness, to gently keep your legs active

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