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Why wide Shoes are Great for Diabetic Feet

People with diabetes are at increased risk of injuries to the foot. This is because blood supply to the extremities is impaired, which leads to a loss of feeling in the foot. As a result, injuries are slow to heal and if an injury does occur, it is likely that you won’t notice or feel it. In fact, people with diabetes are 15 times more likely to lose a limb as a result of gangrene. This is why it is so important to wear wide shoes for diabetic feet, ensuring the width is perfect for maximum comfort.

Features of Diabetic Shoes

Diabetic shoes have to have a number of features to make sure they are comfortable and safe. This includes:

  1. Multiple widths to be available, including extra wide shoes for ladies and extra wide shoes for men.
  2. Having to fit custom orthotics and other prescriptions.
  3. Having an orthotic foot bed that can be removed.
  4. Having various removable insole layers.
  5. Having a toe box that is wide and roomy so that the toes don’t get cramped.
  6. Having a soft and smooth, seamless lining.

Why Choose Shoes for Diabetics

As a diabetic, you have different needs, particularly for your feet. Because many people with diabetes suffer from oedema, it is important to have shoes with multiple widths, so that the feet are never squashed. Furthermore, not everybody has the same width of shoe and this has to be accommodated for as well.Most people with diabetes are prescribed special orthotic foot beds. This means that the diabetic shoe has to be able to accommodate these, allowing for a custom fit. Hence, the standard foot bed should be removable. It is also better to have multiple layers of insoles, so that the shoe can become deeper if needed, or so that deeper orthotics can be fitted.

Lastly, these shoes have to have a seamless, soft and smooth lining. This is for important because people with diabetes often suffer from neuropathy. This means that the nerves are damaged in the feet and legs. As a result, circulation is very poor, which means pain in the extremities isn’t felt anymore. If the patient receives a blister and isn’t aware of this, it can easily burst and lead to ulcers and infections.

Clearly, if you do have diabetes, it is important to have comfortable shoes. Luckily, these shoes are now also fashionable, and there is a range of wide shoes for ladies and wide shoes for men available. No longer do these shoes look unsightly, like clown shoes or blocks of wood. Medical practitioners understand that looking good is very important to people’s mental well being and this, in turn, influences general well being. Hence, shoes for swollen feet will not only prevent further injury and damage, but they also look good, fashionable and stylish.

What are the Best Shoes for Sensitive Feet?

There are many reasons for people to have sensitive feet. One of the most important reasons, and one that has to be taken care of, is diabetes. However, whether you have diabetes or not, if you have sensitive feet, it is important that you have shoes that are comfortable. If not, you will find yourself changing your shoes multiple times each day. You may also find that if you are at a party, you constantly have to sit down because your feet are sore. At work, you may have a pair of slippers under your desk so you can take your shoes off. You must wear shoes that are comfortable to wear for a long time and that don’t damage your feet either.

How to Find Shoes for Sensitive Feet

The first thing that would be recommended is to visit a medical professional. You may have diabetes without being aware of it, or perhaps you know you have diabetes and need a prescription for orthotics. Shoes for diabetics are generally extra wide and have removable and multiple insoles, so you can adjust not just the width but also the depth of the shoe.

Once you know about the medical background of your feet, it is time to start shoe shopping. You don’t necessarily have to go to a store that specialises in medical shoes. Even more general shoe stores now sell extra wide shoes for ladies and extra wide shoes for men. Indeed, these types of shoes are getting increasingly fashionable, so you don’t have to worry about looking like you’re wearing blocks either.

Before you go shopping, however, take a look at the shoes you have now and determine whether there are any models in particular that cause you problems. Perhaps you can’t deal with pointy toes, or perhaps a heel cannot be higher than a certain amount of inches.

Although, as stated, you can find wide shoes for men and wide shoes for women in various shoe stores now, it is recommended to go to one that has staff trained in checking whether your shoe fits properly. They may be able to recommend whether you just need shoes for swollen feet, or whether you need specialist diabetic shoes.All shoes with wide feet, whether they are for diabetics or just for comfort, should be completely free of prominent seams and stitching. The heel of the shoe should have a padded collar and the front area should be elasticated.