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Shoe Fitting Tips

What to look for in a Good Fitting Shoe

The trick to finding comfortable wide shoes is to make sure that they are the right size, which may mean choosing extra wide shoes. The design elements used by brands that prioritise comfort like Padders shoes, Hotter shoes or Sandpiper shoes in their wide shoes can also help ensure the perfect fit.

Space to Move in Wide Shoes

The first step towards achieving a good fit is to find the right shoe size and width for your feet. A good fitting wide shoe should have about a half inch of free room in front of of the longest toe and provide enough space in the toe box for you to wiggle your toes. An extra wide shoe may be needed to ensure that there is also plenty of room to the sides of the foot so that your feet are supported, but not restricted, rubbed or compressed.

Supporting Your Feet

A well fitting wide shoe will give your feet freedom to move, but you should also ensure that your footwear provides plenty of support, particularly if you will be wearing it for sports. Wide shoes that fasten securely in place to prevent slippage offer the best support. Shoe manufacturers often design shoes so that fastenings can be adjusted to exactly the right fit. The heel shape and height should provide the right support to keep your feet in a comfortable position to allow natural motion while walking, but it can help to add an orthotic innersole if you need extra support.

Designed for Comfort

One key element that you should look for when buying extra wide shoes is the quality of the material. The use of soft, flexible materials that protect the foot is important. Flexibility is another important feature and the sole should be designed to enable natural motion. the third element you should look for is a cushioned sole, with shock absorbing qualities to keep your feet feeling good

Trying on Extra Wide Shoes

It is best to try on new shoes in the afternoon, when your feet will tend to be at their largest, and to make sure that you buy for the bigger foot if there is a difference in size or width. You should take a short test walk around on the carpet to ensure there is no slipping or rubbing, and remember that a good fit means extra wide shoes should feel comfortable right away.You should never have to break in the right pair of wide shoes, and never settle for anything less than the perfect fit.