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  • VAT Relief Information

How do I claim VAT Relief?

VAT relief is available on certain of our shoes and slippers to those who meet the criteria.

If you have a medical condition which results in very swollen feet and require ultra wide fitting shoes (6E) then you may qualify. If this does apply to you, your footwear can be purchased at a price exclusive of VAT.

The footwear which is currently available VAT exempt together with the VAT exempt price is as follows:-

Sandpiper Ladies Shoes Price  
Wardale,Welton,Filton,Farlow,Farden,Falmer,Fargo,Fenwick,Foxton,Easham,Wellend. £70.79  
Walmer,Walford. £68.29  
Zurich,Zinder                         £73.29  
Sandpiper Ladies Boots Price  
Bolton, Brean £78.29  
Sandpiper Ladies Sandals Price  
Cheryl,Cara,Coral,Cilla,Carrie £65.79  
Sandpiper Ladies Slippers Price  
Sophie £28.29  
Beryl, Sally £30.79  
Sue,Selina,Sadie,Doreen,Vera,Val £33.29  
Wendy £45.79  
Sandpiper Ladies House Shoes

Mandy, Mary, Susie, Sarah, Mary


Sandpiper Ladies Canvas



Dora, Tracy, Deana

Sandpiper Men`s Shoes




Tony, Terry, Paul, Tom,Tim,Toby, Todd, £78.29  
Percy, £83.29  
Sandpiper Men`s Slippers Price  
Steve, £33.29  
Scott, Gary, £35.79  
Walter, Sampson,Silas,Sven, £45.79  
Wesley £48.29  
Sandpiper Men's Sandals Price  
Nathan, £70.79  
Nick, £73.29  
Ted, £78.29  

If you qualify please complete the VAT Declaration form below.

If you are unsure whether VAT Relief does apply to you please consult a medical advisor, read VAT notice 707/1 VAT Relief for the Disabled, or contact the National Advice Service 0845 010 9000 before signing the declaration.

Please note that telephone or internet orders on their own cannot be accepted. Please fill in the form below and we will contact you once we have received this. You may then pay with either Maestro, Mastercard, Visa or Visa Debit for your order.

If you would prefer to print out your order form and post it to us, you can do so by downloading the form and we will contact you once we have received it.here.

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